Tech Advisory

Technology advisory practice is a customer-driven strategy which helps organizations harness technology to effectively manage their IT changes and transform their business outcome.

We offer the best advice based on what is best for our customers and their interest. After analysing the IT capability, we collaborate with our customers to establish an operational model and governance structure that supports the organisation's strategy and increases IT efficiency.

We support end-to-end digital transformation journeys and derive exceptional values from our customer’s technology investments.

Mobile App Services

We deliver the best mobile experiences with our technical expertise and experience, which will transform your businesses and drive business growth. We offer high-performing, secure and scalable mobile app development services to start-ups, SMB and large enterprises.

Our team of experts can cover the end-to-end product life cycle from conceptualization to monetization and everything in between. We have personalized and customized the services to address the prospects’ needs and problems in a unique way.

Using our integration capability, clients can extend the features of the mobile app and deploy apps to run natively, cross-platform, or as a web-based mobile app.

Cloud Migration

We migrate applications and data irrespective of the complexity or underlying technology. This allows customers to build, operate, manage and maintain their data in an optimal cloud environment.

Our proposed cloud services will reduce physical resource requirements, expenses and increase productivity for your organisation.

We have adopted a simple process to achieve your goal, which involves assessment, preparation, transformation and support. Our cloud migration services will help in building a roadmap, rebuild and re-architect applications to ensure hassle-free transformation from on-premise to cloud migration and build suitable solutions for your business needs.

Across all cloud models, our complete cloud migration framework combines industrialised capabilities with unique pre-configured industry-specific tools, methodologies, and automation.

Digital Automation

We support clients digital transformation as we take less time for the initial research and bring faster value clients. Our expertise helps to launch new applications and software products faster, modernize existing applications and maintain enhanced product portfolios at reduced costs, delivering higher value for your IT investments.

Our professionals are trusted advisors, providing insight and strategic vision through innovative actions. We have designers, architects, and software engineers and also mature processes such as Agile and QA and development tools to give your software project the boost that it needs.

We strive hard to adopt modern methodologies and disruptive technologies, enabling of services-oriented business models, co-innovating and developing smarter operations.

Data Strategy

Data strategy to enable clients to become data-driven through modernization of data, usage of cloud platforms and agile analytics.

Supports the organisation’s efforts to manage data collaboratively and consistently.

Provides the framework within which data engineers may make architectural decisions that will serve organizational objectives.

Maintain relevance, competitiveness, and innovation in the face of rapid change to create new value.

Data Governance

Data governance process of PRO enables clear ownership, business rules, operational requirements, tools and business process.

We deliver master data professionals a very effective data processing privilege. Users can make sure their data strategy is consistent and unified throughout different data domains.

Identify company goals, analyse and evaluate your present compliance status, and reduce the risk of inaccurate data

Help operate more efficiently by giving productive results which will also assist in business decision-making process

Track and monitor the accuracy of master data, find duplicate records and quickly fix errors

Data Science

Our data science offering helps organisations achieve consistent access of data across all structures and subject areas. Applying a comprehensive data management plan helps meet the data consumption requirements of all applications and business processes.

Learn how to manage and regulate the AI lifecycle, operationalize data science models, and improve business decisions

Scale up the automation of data collection, model creation, deployment, and governance

Quantifiable data-driven evidence will help uncover opportunities and narrow target audience

Discover powerful insights to address issues related to business and research

DataOps for DevOps

DataOps to help deploy automated workflows to extract, ingest, and integrate data from various data sources. It enables faster value delivery by creating predictable delivery and change management of data, data models, and related artifacts. It delivers high-quality data and analytics solutions with more reliability and dependability. DataOps uses technology to automate design, deployment and management of data delivery with appropriate level of governance.

​PRO's DataOps approach delivers something of value to users at each iteration

Users receive new features quickly and give feedback to the development team about how to keep improving data analytics with even more salient features

Quality of data can be improved by extensive, automated testing, in the form of statistical process control

As features are delivered in short increments, the monetisation of the data analytics investment begins much earlier, improving return on investment

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