PRO Gami is a Low-Code and No-Code gamification software, which is built as a plug-in or add-on product to gamify any product irrespective of the technology used in the legacy or modern application to increase user engagement and customer motivation.

PRO GAMI lets businesses manage rewards and incentive programs for employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. It is equipped with a robust design, different reward options, reward restrictions, scheduled reward deliveries, and more.

Gamifying website has helped boost browsing time by up to 30%
Users of PRO GAMI claimed gamified activities improve employee relations, productivity and quality of work
Gamifying social media initiatives has boosted brand engagement and trust
GAMI’s use has improved customer loyalty along with customer satisfaction

PRO DASH is a self-serve business intelligence tool that helps organisations across the globe to turn insights into return on investment. PRO DASH provides powerful visualisation and insights within seconds fuelling clients’ business growth. Its powerful web interface, with simplistic UI, helps in solving the most complex data problems effortlessly.

Obtain more insightful data by combining different data types. The best data visualisation techniques are integrated
Users of DASH appreciate the ability to analyse data with intuitive drag-and-drop feature. No programming, just insight
Gives users complete control over the visual components and provide highly-customizable and powerful data visualization
DASH tool links data from spreadsheets to databases to cloud services, explore and integrates both primary and secondary data seamlessly

PRO HUDA is a simplified and customized platform that integrates existing secondary data sources, data collection through a survey tool, data analytics, data visualisation, and evidence-based decision-making.

The exhaustive compilation of data can be extracted through authentic sources and can easily be accessed to perform analysis and build reports within a few clicks on one unified platform.

Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of data
Extract data from different data sources and load your own data into HUDA platform which can be further analysed
PRO HUDA is 10x quicker than the existing solutions. Within minutes, connect, analyse and visualize your data
HUDA’s survey tool helps users to bring in their own primary data and analyse it in conjunction with existing data

We help our clients with the setup of data-centric security and implementation aligned with being compliant with regulatory norms.

We build a value chain based on data-centric security and make privacy compliance a core part of core data strategy.

Comprehensive security coverage for distributed networks and users throughout the business without disrupting company operations
Identify fraudsters to stop them from stealing company assets. Use online visibility to spot minute irregularities in account activity
Take an intelligent approach to data that streamlines the governance, assessment and auditing of data both inside and outside the organization
Protect the system against attackers while preserving the privacy and security of data and business operations
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