Posted at 17 October, 2022
Gamification in business: how is it working wonders?
Companies are using gamification nowadays to improve employee outcomes by turning boring routines into fun and productive exercise
Here are some examples of gamification in business:
1. Interactive leaderboards: Leaderboards are a great way to encourage employees to keep improving. Leaderboards help motivate employees to improve their performance and reach higher goals by letting other members of the team see their progress. It also helps create competition within the team. This improves teamwork and encourages collaboration among colleagues working towards a common goal.

2. Spin and win: Spin-to-win is a great way to improve employee performance. This is similar to the 'spin' feature on slot machines in that it encourages users to keep playing. The attraction of winning big money or winning something of value to improve user experience improves their performance

3. Target tracking progress bar: Goal-tracking progress bars are a great way to motivate your employees to reach the goals you set. The bar encourages employees to recognize their performance, compare it to the company's overall goals, and be determined to do better than ever. These apply to both small businesses as well as large companies where employees work together to achieve better results for the company

4. Points-based travel options: Points-based travel opportunities are a new and effective way for companies to motivate their employees. Improved work results earn points and later reward employees by allowing them to attend events, travel opportunities, and more

5. Employee point return system: Employee rewards programs are another example of gamification used in the business world. This allows employees to earn points for improved performance, improved customer satisfaction, and improved working hours. Points can be redeemed for great prizes and benefits such as restaurant vouchers and movie tickets.

Also, did you know? Employees who participate in gamification are 50% more productive and 60% more engaged.

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